Here you are a little #workout to practice the expansion of your #imagination...

"Think that for you too nothing is impossible; deem that you too are immortal, and that you are able to grasp all things in your thought, to know every craft and science; find your home in the haunts of every living creature; make yourself higher than all heights and lower than all depths; bring together in yourself all opposites of quality, heat and cold, dryness and fluidity; think that you are everywhere at once, on land, at sea, in heaven; think that you are not yet begotten, that you are in the womb, that you are young, that you are old, that you have died, that you are in the world beyond the grave; grasp in your thought all of this at once, all times and places, all substances and qualities and magnitudes together; then you can apprehend God."

Hermes Trimegistus

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Loooook at it!!! "It matters what subjects we use to think other subjects, it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories, it matters what thoughts think thoughts, it matters what knowledge kno